My name is Vincent.


Who am I?

I am a midnight coder, a remarkably bad gamer, and an AR enthusiast.

I'm also a student at UC Berkeley and am majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). My dream is to be able to make a more "playable" world; using computer vision and augmented reality technology, my goal is to advance the entertainment industry or the wearable tech industry to create ways for people to enjoy a fun, interactive lifestyle.

As a student, I've always had interests in multiple fields of study, whether it'd be creative writing, animation, psychology, economics, or even cooking. This multifaceted view gave me a perspective on technology, one that advocates the idea of augmenting any aspect of life with an integrated program.

In short, I want to make cool and fun things. And I want to help others make them, too.

But what exactly do I do?


Using UI/UX principles, I look for ways to improve the way we work with technology, and the way technology works with us.


Proficient in several languages, I program algorithms and games, both on the frontend and backend.


I use an artistic eye and graphic design techniques to create not just functional designs, but aesthetic ones.